Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Middle-aged Memory Boosters or My Brain's Been Replaced With Post It Notes

I have a stash of these little suckers that you wouldn't believe, a rainbow assortment of stick-um stickies for near bout every "in case you might be forgetting it" occasion. I honestly believe that the invention of post-it notes ranks up there with the cross-yer-heart bra and electricity. I might be losing my mind but damned if I'm losing my sticky notes!

I went back to the doc today and he changed my meds and we discussed the possibilties of more testing if this new stuff doesn't kick in and make things better. While I was there I thought to ask him about the forgetfulness I've been experiencing lately and asked him if it was a symptom of menopause. He told me that menopause could cause all sorts of strange and unexpected symptoms and memory sometimes did suffer so I told him about a lapse I'd had at work yesterday and he agreed that it definately fit into the strange and weird but wasn't quite sure he wanted to blame it on menopause. He asked me if I'd had other episodes of forgetfulness and I told him that the only reason I remembered THAT one was because it just happened yesterday. (I remembered the dryer episode after I'd left the office). Anyway, now I'm supposed to try to remember the times I forget and whether or not I'm stressed at the time,,,,,Like I don't have enough to try to remember.

I hope I have enough of these neon yellow stick-ums to last till next week.

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