Thursday, February 03, 2005

Long Days,,,Too Short Nights

I'm pooped. I've been sitting in that desk chair so long that I think I'm getting bunions on my butt if that's even possible. It's certainly not a joyful feeling when your nether cheeks go to sleep, let me tell ya. Trying to get into a routine around a new group of folks is nothing to sing about either. I am so used to getting things done in the quickest way possible and finding my own way around problems that it's been frustrating sometimes in having to wait to find out how these folks want things to be done and I find many stumbling blocks in the run of a day that seem to me to take the long way when a shorter solution would get it done.

I'm also having total recall moments about the reason I chose to retire from the office routine several years ago, I just don't enjoy office politics and the hurry-up-and-wait procedures as you go through the command ranks.

Maybe I just don't play well with others or I'm just too damned tired to play.

Anyway, I finally got home after another 8 to 6 day and hubby told me he needs a new cell phone because his is acting all ugly and stuff. Never mind that he could do this himself if he were so inclined. SO, I was on the phone with Alltel for half and hour going over phone features and plan upgrades and I found out that the phones that have worked wonderfully for us for several years are dinosaurs in comparison to the ones most folks use now and it's cheaper to get two new phones in order to upgrade to a cheaper plan. All I really need is a phone that dials and will allow someone to answer your call on the other end. It also helps if you can actually hear the conversation without having to drive to the top of the Mississippi levee or hang off a tall tree limb so imagine my surprise when I was told that they no longer sell the phones with just those features cause the newer models have all these free features that make your life so much simplier.

Tell me again how much simplier it is when you have to read a 6 inch thick manual written by ants with teeny, tiny typewriters. Hell I never figured out how to use the features on the phones we have now so what am I gonna do with 59 more? Anyway, this is what we're getting:

I don't think the fish picture is included but it's got lots of free features. I'll let you know if I learn how to use any of them but I think I'll need new glasses to find the phone.

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