Tuesday, February 22, 2005

If things got any better, I'd have to hire someone to help me enjoy it!!

I ain't complaining about another dull day. Ever!

Not that this one wasn't dull for the most part but I'm finding that getting all riled up takes up too much of my energy reserves and I don't handle it well anymore.

Last week (I forget the exact day cause I've slept since then), after a week and a half of waiting and half-ass promises, I was able to pick my truck up from the shop where it was in for repairs due to the crash attack of the kid in the ancient car in mid Jan. I discovered soon after picking it up that when the body shop folks had removed my door panel to do some of the repairs, they'd done something to my door lock. The autolock part wouldn't work so I called and was told they'd pick it up today and fix it and return it to the office before time for me to go home. Sounded simple to me.

Since I was getting off work at 6, I called the body shop at 5 to remind them that I was without transportation so they'd best be getting my truck finished up and back to the office. Whoever answered the phone said, "Ok".

At 5:45, still no truck, I called again. This time the guy says, "We've been trying to get hold of John at the insurance company all day to ok the parts we've ordered to fix the locks." I asked him what my lock had to do with the insurance since it had been working AFTER the accident and BEFORE they'd fixed the crash damage to my truck.
The guy said he was just answering the phone and didn't know but they'd bring me a loaner car to drive until they could get the repair done. I told him NO, I don't want a loaner, I want my truck, just forget the repair, bring me my truck so I can go home!

6:05, no truck. No answer when I called.

6:15, no truck. No answer when I tried to call again!

At 6:20 I asked Vivian, who was waiting there with me since I had NO way home, if she'd take me to the shop. James called me on my cell to see when I was coming home and I told him I wasn't sure but if I didn't find my truck he might need to come get me out of jail in a bit cause I was gonna kick somebody's ass.

We got to the shop and it's dark and all locked up and my truck nowhere to be seen so I go to one of the owner's houses which is beside the shop and ask him WHERE IN THE HELL IS MY TRUCK and why in the hell did they leave me stranded at the office without a way home??? He didn't know?????????????

I finally got home by driving someone's Grand Prix cause my truck is in their shop with the door panel still off waiting for parts that I'm not paying for so they may not get put on. I'm pissed past the point of return,,,

And I'm TOO DAMNED OLD for this kind of AGGRAVATION! Anybody know a good, cheap lawyer?

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