Saturday, February 19, 2005

I've been dragging my feet

And the rest of me is pretty draggy too. I've tried to trick Zach into going to be early 2 nights in a row just so I could get in some extra snooze time but he wasn't having any of it. I still got more sleep in 2 nights that I normally do in 4. I think the blood pressure drugs the doc gave me for the erratic heart beat is the culprit cause I have perfectly normal blood pressure and this lethargic deadassedness I'm experiencing is more pronounced than usual.

Anyway, on to a more newsworthy subject.

James was lucky enough this past week to be able to get up close and personal with a great horned owl.
He's so unbelievably lucky in that he runs across all sorts of interesting critters down on the farm and I'm so danged jealous cause I never encounter them with camera in hand. There's a crane or somesuch flying animal that I've been trying to sneak up on for a quick snapshot for weeks now. He stays in the fields about a mile from the house but I never can spot him before he takes flight and I never have my camera ready. But one day,,,,,

Anyway, back to the owl. James said he was about a foot tall at least and had made a nice little perch out of one of the tractor hitches. He wouldn't move so they could add transmission fluids to the tractor. They pretty much didn't urge him too vigorously since he and Efran (one of the Mexican workers) didn't think they'd come out of a tussle with him without bloodshed (theirs). They finally started the tractor and moved it a few feet and he flew about 3 feet and landed on a grain drill and was still there when they left.

I am SO envious!!!

My whole week has been mostly nonproductive except for the busy Monday. Jerri called me to tell me the Chick was sick this week with a bad ear infection again. She's hoping the doctor will send her to a specialist because of these infections. I think I'll have a visit tomorrow from the Chick and Krysten, MeriKate, and Abie so I'd better go and rest up for it.

I hope everyone had a great week!

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