Saturday, August 21, 2004

The White Trash Look

We've spent a lot of time sitting out under the mimosa tree in the front yard this summer and today as Jerri and I were out there watching the Chick put on a show I looked around and noticed that it has "the white trash look".

There are:

2 bbq grills (1 charcoal, 1 gas)
4 bikes
1 Kid-size portable basketball goal
2 kiddy paddle pools
1 gas tank for a fishing boat motor
1 gas tank for the lawn mower
2 riding mowers (only 1 of which works)
1 push mower
Patio table (log chain and chicken wire on the table)
approximately 6 patio chairs
2 artificial turf covered boards that came out of hubby's boat
A kiddie car

I think it's time to clean up the front yard.

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