Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I need to relax!

I wash my hair with Chamomile and lavender shampoo, slather and lather my body with lavender body wash, moisturize my skin with lavender body lotion, puff on lavender powder, and I still feel like I could bite the head of a horned billy goat with only the slightest bit of provocation. What am I to do?

Today I'm fidgeting and twitching over the fact that I must dress and actually make my hair look half-ass decent in order to meet a photographer at 11 to have my passport photos done. They are just photos for identification purposes but I would rather they turn out decent enough that, when viewed, they'll allow me into another country and back into this one. I really hate that they usually turn out looking as though you should be somebody's "Big Momma" in a prison yard somewhere. I've also got to renew my driver's license today so you'd think that they'd make an extra copy of that mug shot so that you could use it for dual purposes, but they won't. Dammit.

The last stop will be at the court house to send in the application for the new passport. That's not so bad except that I've got to give them money to go along with it. After all these little fees that I'll be paying out today, I'll be too broke to Pay Attention!

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