Sunday, August 01, 2004

The weekend

Last evening I had previously intended to go to a wedding but I decided about mid-week that I really didn't feel like going so instead I watched the Chickie and Jordan (my oldest granddaughter) so Jerri and Bubbie could attend the wedding in peace (also Bubbie was part of the wedding party.

Those kids had a ball! The Chick thinks she's every bit as big as the older two and she was wound up last night. Jordan and Zach were really good to play with her as much as they did, they pretty much let her rule the roost.

Saturday, cooling off in the Chick's wading pool

Jerri and Bubbie at the wedding reception

Today I slept in until after 9 and then muddled around the rest of the morning. The only thing I cooked today was 3 boiled eggs! Jerri, Bubbie, the Chick, and Jordan came and made me a delicious birthday cake and we sat outside under the Mimosa tree and watched the kiddies play.

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