Friday, August 20, 2004

First Day of Second Grade

When we went to the Open House at school on Tuesday night, one of the things that Zach's teacher explained to us was her system of punishment for unacceptable student behavior. This is good information to have when harboring a terrorist. On the way home and throughout the evening and again throughout the day yesterday, the new second grader and I discussed the system in detail.

Nanaw: Did you see the cute little bears in their cute little pockets on the wall?

Zach: Yeah.

Nanaw: Did you understand what your teacher was saying about it being a GOOD thing to
keep all your bears in their pocket?

Zach: Yeah.

So you're going to try to keep all of your bears in their pocket, right?


Nanaw: It would be so great to go through the whole school year with your bears in
their pocket wouldn't it?

Zach: Yeah.

Yesterday when I picked Zach up from school I asked him about the status of his bears.

Nanaw: Well, did all of your bears stay in their pocket?

Zach: No. She pulled the yellow one.

Nanaw: Oh no, what did you do?

Zach: Wrote on my desk with chalk.

I can tell already that this could be an interesting year.

This is sort of what the Trouble Bears look like except they're supposed to all tucked into the pocket.

Yellow Bear won't be snuggling with his buddies again until Monday.

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