Monday, August 30, 2004

Still Missing

The amount of time has passed so that my Uncle's kids could file him as a missing person. I was just on the phone with his youngest daughter in Florida and know more of the events leading up to this now and it's just so strange.

The woman who left with him on this move to Florida called on Saturday to say that my Uncle had not been seen since Friday evening when she left him at her friends house in Jasper, AL while she and the friend went to the store, and when they returned he and his truck were gone. This call caused the initial concern about his whereabouts. When my cousin (my uncle's daughter) called this woman on Saturday evening requesting more information, her story was that my uncle had taken some man to a bar and dropped him off and that man was the last anyone had seen him. Two different stories from this woman?

My cousin and her sisters and brother have relayed this information to the police in Florida and Alabama who have contacted the police here in Arkansas and the information they've gathered and have relayed to the family tells us that this woman he was traveling with and her friends have been in jail for drugs and other things and now we're all VERY concerned.

The police in 3 states are now involved in this so all we can do is continue to wait.

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