Monday, August 09, 2004

My apologies for being slow.

I've been surfing my favorite blogs and wondering where the hell everyone was since Thursday. I was beginning to think that some big, green, blogger-eating alien had attacked everyone but me and I was alone in this cold, cruel cyber-world. Then I was lucky enough to catch Special K on IM and mentioned my worries to her about her lack of posting. She told me that she HAD posted,,,WTH? So I go back to her site once again and hit the refresh button and there's the new post.

I've been trying since then to catch up on what I've been missing by refreshing at everyone's site but this is going to take awhile. I wanted to apolgize to everyone for thinking that blogger SHOULD EVER BE WORKING NORMALLY.

I'm happy to know that noone was really attacked by a big, green, blogger-eating alien!!