Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Last Official Day of Summer Vacation from School!

I realize I'm mostly swapping one headache for another but

Yesterday I took Abie and Krysten to the doctor. Abie to get the cast off her arm and Krysten for her school physical. With Zach added to the mix, they were pretty bouncy during that hour that we were stuck in there. Then we stopped on the way home to buy groceries and it didn't take me long to remember why I used to keep my own kids contained in one grocery cart while pulling another to put the groceries in.

They spread out over a large area, nothing and no one safe in their path.

Abie, MeriKate, Krysten with their sitter Cheryl

I dropped the girls off with the sitter and had just enough time to throw together some supper before it was time to attend the Open House at school where I found that all those supplies I bought last week aren't enough.

Today I'll be taking Zach and Jessie (from next door) shopping/searching for the additionally needed school supplies.

Tomorrow begins the up at 6, wrestle with terrorist for an hour to eat and dress, back to school, routine. But then I'll have the day to myself!!!

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