Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Email from Jerri about a Chickie Day.

The Monday Chickie Story as written by Jerri with Nanny notes in brackets.

Dallas (Jerri's Neice) stayed with me today while mom and norm went to
the doc and we went to Storm Creek to play in the sand.
I didn't take her swimsuit because she never does anything
more than wade in the water but there were other kids
there today and she just bailed off in the water with
them. They buried her in the sand and she helped bury
them. She was having a blast!

The other kids were also having a picnic and their parents were
grilling and Little Miss Butt (AKA the Chick) just helped herself to
cookies and hotdogs..LOL. Then the other kids went in
the shower to rinse the sand off she did too..so
their mom loaned her a towel..ended up the lady worked
with dad in Forrest City but has been layed off.

She (the Chick) had such a good time..dallas had to run out in the
water 2 times to get her because she went under ON
PURPOSE!!! The kid is crazy!

Photos by Jerri 8/16/04

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