Friday, August 06, 2004

I know all the famiy gossip now.

I've learned much more than I needed to of useless family information today.

Cousin Sherry and her hubby are looking at property around Mountain View, in the Ozarks, for a future second home. This is because the cousin doesn't want her daughter to attend a biracial public school when she reaches high school age. I had to ask just what exactly this had to do with getting a good education. Aunt Freda didn't elaborate on that.

Cousin Vicki is now living in Lonoke. I believe this to be the 3rd or 4th move for her in 4 some-odd years. I reckon she feels that she just doesn't get the job recognition she deserves? Or something. She's the medical expert with an LPN license. (yeah, I asked about that too.) But,,hey,,wait,,I forgot to ask Auntie if Vicki is still even working.

Cousin Glen is still broken-hearted over his failed marriage but has recovered enough that he's found a suitable girlfriend and is living in California.

Auntie didn't say much about Cousin Dwight, he's confined to a wheelchair and doesn't provide her many events about which to gloat.

Uncle Emil (Aunt Freda's husband), Uncle Norris, and Aunt Marion told me they are doing fine, when they could get a word in to say anything.

Zach's still pissed because our "company" kept him from being able to go to Jerri's house to swim with Jordan.

And Nanny's ears are ringing and she's in a grumpy mood from having to be so damned socialable today.

How was everyone else's day? (Don't answer that Jerri. Btw, who got to eat my grilled burger?)

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