Sunday, June 13, 2004

Two Bitchy Witchy Days

On Friday evening I promised Zach that I'd take him to Jerri and Bubbie's for a swim in their big, new, inflatable pool on Saturday. Bubbie called early Saturday morning to say that he was cooking on the grill also so we should come earlier than planned. I called James before we left to ask how long he'd be in the field and to tell him to meet us over there when he was through. He told me he'd probably be done by 2 or so.

At 4, he still wasn't there so I was pretty perturbed since that meant he wouldn't be coming and I'd be cooking dinner when I got home. We arrived back home at 4:30 and he came in soon after and spoke to me when he came in the door. Since I was pissed and not in the mood for small talk, I said nothing. He made a snide remark that just didn't sit right with me so the shit hit the fan and I let him have it with both barrels. THEN he called me a bitch to which I replied, "Buddy, I've been out of my hormones for 6 weeks and you haven't SEEN a bitch yet!" Needless to say, everyone walked on eggshells for the rest of the evening.

Then I woke up this morning, still in a rather shitty mood. I piddled around doing laundry and different things and then went out to water the plants on the porch. I couldn't find the sprayer that fits on the water hose and I asked Zach if he'd seen it. He and Jessica had removed it yesterday to take to her house to spray themselves with. I made him go fetch it and he slowly drags himself across the yards to bring it back to me. He hands it to me and it's broken so I got upset about it.

Hubby and Jeffrey, Jessica's daddy, are sitting beneath the Mimosa tree having a beer and hubby makes the mistake of saying the damned sprayer probably didn't cost $5, so I should just go buy another.

So, the shit hits the fan again since I said, "I don't care if the damn thing didn't cost but .99, I bought it to water my flowers and I'm here trying to water my flowers, and I DON'T have a sprayer because IT'S BROKEN!

THEN I noticed brown spots and wilted leaves on my Hollyhocks beside the house. I looked a little closer and I could see this narrow path of dead grass around the house. I asked James if he's sprayed chemicals around my flowers and he said he hadn't but he had sprayed the grass around the house. He hadn't felt like using the weedeater. He knows how pissed I am at the farmer next to us because he lets his chemicals drift over onto my yard so the DUMB ASS sprays chemicals on the grass BESIDE my flowers and the drift gets on them. The farmer didn't do enough damage I guess.

I finished watering the flowers that the chemicals hadn't burned and spotted, then I went to the shed and got the hoe and cut down the Hollyhocks. Prior to my first chop, he told me if I cut them down he was leaving. My reply to him was, "Well, I suggest you go get your shoes on and hit the road." CHOP!

The asshole was back in less than an hour.

Later on, Jerri called and asked me if I'd help her can some salsa since she didn't know how to use the pressure canner so I spent 3 hours peeling and chopping 5 gallons of tomatoes while she chopped the other ingredients and we canned the salsa. After the second canner full was on, I started cooking dinner.

The Chickie had been playing on the floor under our feet most of the time we'd been working and we were constantly grabbing her off stools that she'd climbed up on or out of cabinets while her daddy and PopPop reclined in the living room, watching TV. During one lull, I sat down for a minute to have a cig and a few sips of coffee and the Chickie came in and was trying to climb up onto the foot-stool in front of me so I hooked a couple of fingers in the back of her diaper to keep her from falling.

Knuckle deep into poop.

Sometimes I wonder if I should even get up in the mornings.



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