Monday, June 21, 2004


I uttered those two little sounds and I'm sure I've set the scene for the next two days to be far from boring. I told my son I'd sit with the Chick today and tomorrow.

This young lady is 16 months old and has already got a headstart on her "terrible twos". She just goes and goes and goes with no need of a nap these days. (Although anyone keeping up with her needs several).

After only a few hours with her, I know why God eventually takes away the ability to have children as we grow older. It just ain't natural to have the stamina to keep up with them at that age when you're old as dirt.

If I don't get around to visit all of my favorite blogs as frequently as I want to, I hope I'll be forgiven since I'll be receiving my just rewards from being here with the Terrorist AND the Chick.

I'm not sure why the last photo shows up as a link but ya'll can click if you want to see the two "angels" together.

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