Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Day 2 of Vacation

Thursday A.M. Bass Pro Shop in Springfield.

We had a fine time shopping.
Besides, we had to appease Bubbie so he wouldn't mind our afternoon plans.

Thursday P.M. drive through an Exotic Animal Park

This was fun. We couldn't get out of the car but after a few yards into the park I understood why. We were swamped by hungry (or greedy) animals looking for their bite of whatever-god-awful food that was in the bags.

There were lots of ostriches and emus. The owner told us we could run over the big, black ostrich and cook him on the grill for supper and he'd be greatly appreciative but he must have heard him cause we didn't see the big, black one. This fella was pretty pushy. He stuck his head right into the car looking for his food when we were too slow in passing it out to him.

We called this guy Larry Llama.

And this little fella Earnie Emu

We didn't get to know this old guy well enough to name him. He got close to the car and we were pushing buttons to roll up the windows cause he smelled like he'd been rode hard and put up wet,,,TWICE!!

They had a little pond with paddle boats in the park where everyone cooled off and then while Alexis and I watched, the older kids drove a few laps on the go carts. (no photos of that, sorry)

We asked the park owner about the nutritional qualities of the animal food due to the several ounces of the stuff that the Chickie insisted on consuming. He promised that it was child safe.

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