Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Trying to get it done.

The Chick and Zach are in his room with popcicles in hand watching Spiderman on his TV while Blues Clues blares on the TV in the livingroom. I thought I'd sneak in here with a cup of coffee and take a teeny, tiny break.

There are pinto beans on the stove cooking, laundry to be taken out of the dryer and more in the washer to be dried. Then there are decisions to make about what to take to wear on our short trip and the packing to do. It's raining off and on today so the things I had planned to do outdoors will have to wait until I come home sometime during the weekend.

It's going to be so nice to drive through the Ozarks and see some hills. It's so flat here in the delta so you can imagine the awe in which we view even mountains as small as ours are in Northern Arkansas.

The Chick just came in and smeared me with a sour apple lollipop so I'd best go see where she disposed of the popcicle.

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