Monday, June 28, 2004

Continuation of Day 1.

After leaving the Natural Bridge, we stopped in a little hill town called Marshall for gourmet Pizza Hut pizza. The reason I refer to it as gourmet is not due to the delectable quality of the pizza but to the nearly have to sell your soul price of the shitty pizza they served. And did I mention that they did not serve beer, Marshall being in a dry county and all? I guess this could have been called a good thing since half our food budget would have been left in that little spot in the road and as it was only a third of it was deposited there.

The last 4 hours of the drive is far from boring since up or down every mountain and around each twisting curve in the road is a little surprises such as the horse barn above.

We finally made it to my sister's and were ready for a snack and to catch up on the family gossip.

Paula and Jerri

This is Sparky, my sister's minpin who was happy to have someone her own size to play with when Alexis arrived.

Ms. Alexis made herself right at home in Sparky's kennel.

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