Thursday, March 17, 2005

Things got a little hectic here for awhile.

Last week the Chick had a viral infection in her mouth and throat and this week Jerri came down with it. It made her so sick the doc had to admit her into the hospital to prevent deydration. My son dropped the Chick off at the office last night and I brought her home with me so we've been doing some major playing around here.

If you have children you already know how much room those little ones can take up in your bed. Last night I shared my bed with a terrorist, the Chick, a Scoobydo toy, a teddy bear, 3 pacifiers (or as the Chick says, Paci-fers), and a sippy cup full of chocolate milk. By mid-night they'd scooted me completely out of the bed so I got up for a bit before I went back to try to find a spot to crawl in and get a few more hours of sleep.

This morning Zach and I quietly slipped out of bed so we could get him ready for school and 5 minutes later I hear this little voice loudly announce, "Good Morning, I wake up!" A bowl and a half of "Frosted Lucky Charms, they're magically delicious", a scrambled egg and one sausage pattie (I think she's making up for being sick and the lost poundage of last week)later, we watched the school bus take Zach away to school and then snuggled in my chair for a morning of cartoons.

Jerri called around 10 to say that she was home and she came out later to stay with us until my son got home. She's still feverish and feeling bad so will be going back to see her doc again tomorrow. Jami and the girls came around 10 and stayed to play with the Chick until around noon also so we've had a pretty busy day.

We had some sad news also yesterday. My oldest daughter found out a couple of weeks ago that she was having another baby and yesterday she became ill and ended up miscarrying. She had just told Jaylen and Jordan that they would be having a new little sister or brother in the fall and now she'll have to break the news to them that God decided differently. Trish had to go this morning for a D&C so my love and my thoughts are with her as she recovers from this life trauma and disappointment.

Ya'll have been asking after the terrorist so I snapped a few pics of him the other morning as he was lazing around waiting for the school bus.

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