Monday, March 28, 2005

The Day After

Our Easter was rainy and nasty so we were indoors with all the little ones and we big ones again this year. Jerri slipped out during a break in the rain and hid plastic eggs for the egg hunters but it didn't take them long to search them out and run back inside with their gatherings to get out of the cold wind.

We did have a really nice dinner. There was a dry-cured whole ham that I had to drive to Marianna to find (I bought the only one in the store). The side dishes included mashed potatoes, a big veggie salad, deviled eggs, cream peas, cornbread dressing (Jerri made this), bread rolls, and a cute little bunny cake made by Jerri for MeriKate's 5th birthday.

The kids were full of chocolate candy so it was a pretty wild afternoon.

I just wish Trish and the girls could have been here.

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