Saturday, March 05, 2005

It amazes me.

Almost 2 weeks ago, Jerri stopped by the office and she'd been crying. The results of one of the tests they do in early pregnancy for genetic defects had come back with high levels of something which wasn't the norm. After reading about these tests, we discovered that the percentage of false positive results are in the 90 percentile but as her doctor could see the state of worry she was in, he sent her to Little Rock for a different sort of ultrasound.

They did the ultrasound yesterday (Friday) and Mom is calmer now cause it appears that the baby is fine. In fact, SHE is so fine that it took forever to click a pic of her face because she kept covering it with her hands every time they'd move the wand as if to say, "Ya'll better be gettin yourselves outta my face here".

Yep, we're having granddaughter # 7 (big grin).

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