Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Happy 53rd PopPop!

Cause I'm a good wife and all that, I ordered, had shipped overnight, scrubbed, and prepared (for the first time!) 6 lbs of Prince Edward Island mussels for the hubby's birthday. I even made a cake AND I snooped for a month to find out just which handheld GPS he wanted and ordered it so that it arrived on time too. I think I'm an especially good wife too since I feel like my face is swollen up like one of those freaky balloon people and I did the cooking deeds even after having been in and out of the bed most of the day. Even my teeth and gums hurt. I'm lucky that I had the day off work to snuggle in the bed before tackling all that other stuff.

Now the dishes are in the dishwasher, the leftover mussels have been removed from their shells and bagged with broth and put into the freezer, and I'm thinking about how good that bed will feel again in about an hour or so.

Oh,,and my cell phone replacement came in today.

I hope everyone's Tuesday was better than their Monday and that their Wednesday will be super!

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