Thursday, December 16, 2004


Will I ever be caught up? How long does it take? I can't remember things being this hard after our last trip to Europe and I'm sure it can't be my age (grin). Sometime today I'm going to have to sit and make a list of things that I must get done because Christmas is looming and then tax season will be on top of me.

Yesterday I wrapped 6 presents, bought groceries, cooked breakfast for supper, did some laundry, and unpacked most of my junk. Four of my granddaughters came by for their little presents that I'd brought them (miniature porcelain dolls that I found in Valkenburg). It was so good to have those little arms around my neck for a few seconds, after that they were too busy playing.

Today I can't even think but I know the first thing I need to do is fold laundry and put it away and vacuum the living room floor!

Marion (Soony's mom), Soony (Danielle), and I on a shopping trip.

House of Sinta Claus in Weere (not sure about the spelling). He is what Soony calls the 5th of December dude, this photo shows one of his helpers (one of the Black Pete's). They are black from going down the chimneys to take toys to the children. I have photos of Sinta Claus somewhere but I'll have to find which card he's on.

Two more of the Black Pete's. I think these two were workers in the toy room. There were Black Pete's EVERYWHERE!

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