Saturday, December 18, 2004

This Just Ain't Right

I was awake at 5 a.m.

And it's Saturday!

My body has been craving sleep in the worst way so why does it do this to me? Anyway, I took the opportunity just now to share a morning view with you and snapped this outside my back door.

I should now be having a nice, hot, leisurely bath before 3 more of the kiddies arrive to spend part of the day with me while their mommies pick up a special present in Little Rock today but this coffee is so good and I'm so lazy that I'm not in too big of a hurry to move yet. Besides, I reckon I'll need another hot bath and a quart of tequila AFTER having 4 kiddies.

Zach informed me yesterday that my bird likes Lays potato chips. After a bit of general interrogation I found out that he'd been laying in the floor enjoying a bowl of chips the other evening while Ya-Ya was having a stroll outside his cage and suddenly Ya-Ya attacked his bowl of chips and was wrestling Zach for bites of them. James and Zach thought this was very funny and cute especially when they put him back in the cage and he was raising a ruckus from the greasy, salt high.

Nanny was not amused. Just what I need, a junk food addicted bird, with no tail feathers. He's worn most of them off, probably from hyperactivity from all the salt and grease, and looks like a miniature duck when he follows me around the house with his little birdie waddle.

I had a nice surprise in my email this morning, a letter from Caroline in Montgomery, AL. I sat beside her on the plane for 10 hours on Tuesday and it sure made the trip home more enjoyable. Before we departed the plane I told her about my blog and said if she'd type in "Whats up down south" in a google search she could see what goes on in our neck of the woods and she did. I sure hope she'll come back and visit again.

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