Friday, December 17, 2004

I just can't stay away today,,

I've been hopping around to read some of my favorite blogs and I remembered that CarolC had changed her site addy and had to come here to update my template so I decided to post a few more photos.

Are you tired of them yet?

A night on the town which started at a Salsa club in Stein. Here I am with Renee, a friend of Soony's who was also her wedding coordinator. She's loads of fun!

From the left is Soony (Danielle), Eric's mom, Marion (Soony's mom), Eric's sister-in-law, Renee, and in front is yours truly. We were still at the Salsa club but I think more in the sauce than doing the Salsa (big grin).

Renee and I with Herman, Soony's father. Yep, I think I'd had a few by this time.

Eric's Dad, Eric, Eric's brother, and Herman.

After several drinks at the Salsa club and not much Salsa some of us moved on to a boppin little pub which had a band playing that was also in Stein. This evening was the first Saturday I was there (I think).

A special seranade for the redneck lady from Arkansas.

Dancing to some old time Rock-N-Roll. This guy soon had me saying "uncle".

I also danced that night with two of Marion's friends who were in their 60's and let me tell you, they BOTH outdanced me really fast!

I took about 200 photos on this trip so ya'll let me know when you've seen enough, ok?

Jerri took some cute pics of MeriKate, the Chick, and Abie the other day, ya'll go take a look over at the Chick's Site if you have time.