Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve

We did the thing at the in-laws tonight and one of the brother-in-laws put on his Santa suit. When he asked Chickie if she wanted to sit in his lap she said, "NO, UGGY Santa!!" The other kids, except for Abie, were all ready to tell him what he'd better have in his bag for them.

Zach and Krysten with Santa

MeriKate and Ashley (our niece).

The unhappy Chick with Santa and Mommy.

I racked up on bath goodies, James bought me this huge basket.

Aromatherapy goodies.

Nobody will smell better than me this holiday season I betcha!

James and Jerri gave me a darling hummingbird windchime but the photo didn't turn out well. I'll have to find someone to hold it up for me to get a shot of it. Jami and Keith bought me some cozy flannel pjs and James also bought me a new printer.

Yep, I racked up on the goodies around here. I hope Santa is dropping some good stuff down ya'll's chimneys tonight!!

Merry Christmas!

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