Wednesday, December 08, 2004

It's Wednesday I think.

The internet connection has been down here but I've also been mostly going straight to bed because we've been having some pretty late evenings.

There is so much going on every day that I forget which thing we do on which day but I do know today I took the train to Maastricht (only two stops though) to meet with Tine again before I leave to return home next week. We had a FANTASTIC time. I would post some of the photos to show you just how fantastic but I keep forgetting to bring my camera upstairs with me and I'm old,,,,and so lazy, so I don't go back down the stairs to do this. (Imagine all the photos that I'll overwhelm you with later!)

However, today Tine met me at the train station in Maastricht and we shopped, had a most delicious lunch of tomato soup, hot ham and cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate with whipped cream at one of the cafes beside where they were having their annual Christmas Market, we took a ride in the huge ferris wheel at the Market where we took great photos of Maastricht (where I did ok until we stopped at the top), then watched the ice skaters for a bit, had coffee, shopped some more, and had another diet cola. Then as Tine walked me back to the train station we stopped again for another coffee and so we could talk some more before I had to take the train back to Stein. We stopped and had a filled pastry to eat as we crossed the walkway over the Maas River. I'll have to ask Tine the name of it because I have forgotten that,,,but NOT the taste,,it was excellent!! The whole entire day was just wonderful!

After the train deposited me back in Stein we had more coffee to warm up before we went to wish Soony's father a happy 65th birthday. I had several glasses of great wine and too much food again so I'll soon have to be heading to the bed to sleep it off.

The wedding is on Saturday and they have told me that it will take all day for the activities and then a party afterwards.

I hope to survive it.

I sure do miss the time spent with my blog friends. I hope to catch up with all of you as soon as I arrive back in Arkansas.

P.S. My father died on Thursday. I'm not so upset about this because I feel I came to terms with this a few weeks ago but tomorrow I'm going to a small chapel here in Stein to pray for him, and for me.

I sure am missing my family!!!

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