Monday, December 20, 2004

Look at me wrong and I'll cry.

I feel miserable right now. First off, I went shopping with hubby and Zach in tow and that does not make for a good day. Then, after coming out of the Paper Factory in Tunica, we noticed a little bulge in Zach's coat pocket. Inside were 2 pencils, 2 tiny, plastic whistles, and a tiny, crystal swan, items that had not been paid for.

With a broken heart, I marched him back into the shop to give the items to the ladies at the checkout and tell them that he'd taken them. We stood there with tears dripping off our chins as he apologized to the ladies and told them he wouldn't do anything like that again.

Now I feel more guilty than he does because I'm worrying that I've done something to make him feel that it was ok to take something that he hadn't paid for.

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