Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It took courage to take these photos!

From a cold seat on the ferris wheel in the Christmas Market in Maastricht by a chicken-shit photographer.

heh,heh, I took a pic of Tine as she took a pic!

I once climbed to the observation tower in the church (with red brick) in the background of this photo. Of course that once was over 9 yrs ago.

I just returned from a trip into town to pick up last minute stocking stuffers and a couple of other things that I forgot to get yesterday. Trips to town always cause a wide and varied range of emotions for me.

As I left the Wal Mart (that place I hate) parking lot a van pulled out of traffic and did a quick U-turn in a parking lot and then pulled back out into traffic, right in front of me. This little action triggered my "boy I outta kick your ass" emotion and it became a full-blown "if I could catch you, I'd kick your ass twice" emotion as I heard the 14 bags, that I'd carefully stacked in the back seat, tumble around from the domino effect of having slammed on my brakes. Hopefully the kids won't mind that their marshmallow, chocolate, Santa's will have little cracks in their marshmallow, chocolate, little heads.

The van turned a block later thus saving the driver from the double ass kicking.

Then I got behind an older granny than yours truly who proceeded to move forward at a pace not exceeding 20 mph. This triggered my "damn I need to get in that left lane" emotion and I could feel a nagging headache coming on. The left lane was full of cars and trucks passing by the granny (who had a leopard print covered steering wheel, by the way) and yours truly who was stuck behind her. I figure we must have had a lotta imports from Mississippi and Tennessee in town today cause I don't think there are that many vehicles in the county. Three miles later I was finally able to pass Ms. leopard print steering wheel and looked ahead to smooth sailing the rest of the way home.

As I pulled into the drive at my house, my "damn this place looks like a redneck castle" emotion came into play when I gazed upon the 2 climbing deer stands, the ATV trailer, 2 tires, and the ice chest that were adorning the lawn beside the drive. A stroll around the yard would have added to the list but I was just too full of emotions to handle any more.

I hope Santa doesn't break his neck trying to land down here in my neck of the woods!

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