Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Lazy Tuesday,,,mostly

Well the Christmas tree is down and in it's box but the box needs a little duct tape reinforcement so it's still sitting in the dining room floor. So are the boxes of ornaments. I don't remember where that danged duct tape went so I'll have to wait for James to come home so I can borrow his that he keeps in his truck.

Speaking of duct tape, do you have a favorite use for duct tape?

I found these online (who'da thought?):

Mute function for humans

Wrapped around newspaper to make a dog chew toy

Contraceptive device (this merits more research I think)

Girdle (Imagine the screams at the time of removal)

Seat belts that'll REALLY keep the kids still

Why bother with waxing...(louder screams)

Fix vacuum cleaner hose

Fix printer (I know for a fact you can fix a copier with it!)

Hold batteries in remote control (same goes for the old style gameboy)

Remove lint from clothes

Home security system - tape up doors and windows

Use it to tape 10 year olds with sugar highs to trees during boyscout trips

Poor man's Viagra - two Popsicle sticks and duct tape


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