Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Presidential Candidate #4

Mr. Sterling David Allan is a candidate for the Providential Party. His professional experience includes
CEO, Pure Energy Systems, 2003-present
Manager, Novel TP, 2002-present
Coordinating Managing Director, Perentech, 2002-present
Manager, Joseph Prep LLC, 1999-present
Director, Greater Things Ministry, 1988-present.

Mr. Allan has his heart in the right place but he believes in a radical rearrangment of the major issues of this election and his expected use of private funds where few private funds are to be had are a bit much.

His views on abortion include that they only be performed if a woman's life is in danger and even at that instance should be privately funded. He would greatly decrease funds for Agriculture, Environment, and Medical Research and eliminate funding altogether for Arts, Homeland Security, International Aid, Law Enforcement, Public Health Services, and Welfare because he believes they should be privately funded or funded only on the local levels.

It does not surprise me that he'd eliminate income taxes, increase cigarette and alcohol taxes and decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. I believe in Mr. Allan's marijuana haze, he hasn't given a thought about where these privately funded funds will be coming from.

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