Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Other Candidates

Since I think we should all be "in the know", I've decided that over the next little while to post a rundown on the other Presidential Candidates who are running in November. I've still got my heart set on voting for Willie the tractor driver but who knows, perhaps I can be swayed.

Do We Have Within Us The Power?

Would it be possible for the citizens of the United States to pull off the most massive joke in history on the only two Presidential candidates with the funds to have their faces and names plastered all over every form of news media?(I'm not naming names but you know who I refer to.) I think it would be excellent if another of the "much" lesser known candidates were to win the Presidential office as our two top candidates continued to sling mud and guts at each other. That would learn em dammit.

The citizens of the US could all cast their vote for Mr. Jacques Yves 'Chief Jack' Boulerice from Laguna Woods, CA. Mr. Boulerice is running on the Native American party. He holds a diploma as a high school graduate and has experience in Auto Dealership Parts, as a Department Manager, and as a Retail Manager. (A working man for President? It might take several manicures to get him up to snuff but it's doable perhaps).

Mr. Boulerice is Pro Choice on the abortion issues and believes the government would better spend it's money by providing more funding for family planning. He favors increased government spending in such areas as Education, Public Health Care, Homeland Security, and favors greatly decreasing spending on welfare. He also agrees that same sex marriages should be allowed.

Now I hope ya'll will be kind as these candidates come out of the shadows and into the limelight here on my blog over the next while. Throwing boulders and rotten apples are not allowed. Just click on their sites and read what they have to say so that you can make an informed decision with the power of your vote.

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