Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Is there a tattoo on my forehead,,,,,

,,,,that says, RESPONSIBLE ADULT or maybe one that says, OLD AND BORED? Something makes me stand out in a crowd of young, perky, mammas and daddies and I really suspect it's just cause I'm old as dirt.

Last week Zach brought a flyer home from school about joining the Cub Scouts. The flyer indicated that those young lads who were interested were to come, with indicated fees and with parents, to a meeting to sign up for "fun, games, and adventure". Zach was interested so this Nanny rushes him through his homework after school yesterday and we were at the school last evening at 6:30 on the dot.

I thought I'd fill out a couple of forms, give them the fees, and he'd be all set to pursue the "fun, games, and adventure".


This was bare bones folks. The meeting wasn't just to sign up the lads for scouting, it was also to scrounge up willing adults to be the den leaders, and assistants, and committee members.

I did not volunteer.

I told them that I'd gladly help with typing or bookkeeping occasionally, but no way, no how, would I take on a pack of 8 or more little boys to pursue "fun, games, and adventure". I am having a hard time handling one little boy so I feel almost positive that trying to entertain a pack of em would send me to the wilderness with a bottle of Jose gold in one back pocket and a lime in the other and I don't think the den leader's manual includes "frolicking with Jose behind the tents" as a Scout approved activity.

Am I being selfish and mean?

Well, yes I am, but I'm also trying to save what's left of my sanity. I'm too damned old for "fun, games, and adventure". Besides, my idea of camping is a nice cabin, with a soft bed and air conditioning.

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