Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm all set,,,,,almost

I've applied for a replacement passport.
I've booked my tickets for a Nov. 29th direct flight.
I'm ready for the trip to the Netherlands
after I:

Find a dress or something for the wedding.(does anyone know what is appropriate for a Dutch wedding?)

Buy some luggage cause mine was destroyed a couple years ago.

Buy the gifts of liquor that I plan to take to Danielle and her family.

Find a wedding gift that can be safely transported in luggage.(Still think I'll do a smaller photo collage).

Find some comfortable pants

and shoes.

Dang, I've still got quite a lot to do, don't I?


The Chick will be in the Tri-County pageant tomorrow and Nanny is going to attempt to film it. Jerri just sent me a photo of her trying on her dress.

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