Monday, September 06, 2004

Presidential Candidate # 3

WILLIAM J. WYATT (R-California)

Wyatt's primary goal is to unseat President Bush, and he seems to affiliate himself with the Conservative Party to help uproot it from the inside. After finishing 131st in the California recall, Wyatt, who recently changed his last name from Tsangeres, secured spots on the New Hampshire and Missouri primary ballots and is utilizing the power of Internet and merchandising, primarily running his campaign through both an online forum called The Alternative Government Campaign and the editorialized T-shirts he designs.

His platform is "No new wars." He also calls for guaranteed college education, health care and medicine, and secure retirement.

"If we spend the same effort solving problems at home as we spend making the world serve our interests, then we and the world would be in better shape."

Despite racking up 153 votes in New Hampshire, it's highly unlikely Mr. Tsangeres, er, Wyatt will achieve much more than adding to the bulk of anti-Bush T-shirts worn by college students.

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