Sunday, September 26, 2004

How to raise a unique child

Yesterday at my daughter Trisha's house, the kids were lying in the floor watching TV and eating Fiddle Faddles. Alexis gets up, walks into the laundry room, comes back with a hand full of cat food, and lays down and starts munching.

This kid LOVES catfood. Jerri asked the doctor about it cause it was pretty much freaking her out and he said it won't hurt her but she shouldn't try to live on the stuff.
The Chick gets plenty frustrated with Zach sometimes because he treats her like a baby. I told him when she calls him, he should answer cause she's learning how to have conversations and he should be pleased that she loves him and wants to talk about things with him.

While we were at the park birthday party yesterday, some of the kids and mommys and daddys went over to the creek to go wading. The Chick LOVES water and was having a little sit down in the clear, shallow water. Jerri said she glanced down beside where she was sitting and saw a fish and freaked out. It seems the Chick doesn't like sharing her water with the area wildlife.

I'm heading off now to do the dishes from lunch and read a little while before it's time to herd the terrorist toward a bath. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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