Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Tuesday Evening

After I picked Zach up from school yesterday we had just enough time to struggle through homework , get cleaned up, and head into town for his first ball game where those little guys proceeded to get creamed. I swear the other team were reincarnates of some prime-of-life ball players. At the very least they practice all year round!

Here is a photo of Zach which shows his dismay at what a ballgame for bigger kids is all about. A first game loss after being on a winning Tball team for the past two years is something new but it'll only be new once, right?

After the game we stopped in for take-out at a little Dairy bar near home and as I was juggling camcorder, camra, purse, and ball gear coming into the house, I let the door latch hit me on the elbow. That may be a funny bone there but all I could do was moan until the pain eased enough for me to pick all that junk up again.

During the night as I tried to sleep with my tender elbow getting in the way, I had one of my rare dreams. I don't remember much about it except that it involved me riding on an elephant through a jungle. (Whothehellknows what that was all about). Political nightmare maybe???

That ole elephant must have worn me out cause I sure could have used a few hours more sleep this morning.

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