Saturday, April 24, 2004

I need a day in bed.

Or a week.

Friday I did the volunteer thing at the Wild Hog Music Fest where it rained, and rained, and rained, so I had to work inside the saloon. It wasn't too bad though since I saw a lot of folks that I haven't seen in awhile and had fun catching up.

The rain kept me from being able to get photos of a lot of very fine motorcyles though.

This one belongs to one of the local riders.

I think by the time they all drove through the rain storms to get to Helena, there were about 1000 motorcycles down on Cherry Street.

We had our own lovely police officer to stand watch over the beer bar at the saloon.

Kurt, an old friend, was in town from Fayettville, AR. He was soaked to the skin but turned down our offer to let him wander about in his undies while his jeans dried.

Nada and another volunteer, James, trying to look busy behind the bar.

Joyce makes sure we all do our jobs. I don't know what main street Helena would do without her!

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