Sunday, April 11, 2004

I appreciate my visitors.

I appreciate each and every time you take the time to come by and visit me to read my ramblings and leave me a comment about what you think. I feel honored that you trust me with your thoughts and feelings about different subjects that may pop into this ditzy head of mine.

When I discovered that Mr. Big Dick had decided to ban my comments to his blog I was mighty hurt. Hell, everyone wants to be liked and I'm no different. I'm one of those folks that feels guilty for any wrong that is done, even if I didn't do the wrong cause it's just possible that something I said or something I did that I didn't know was wrong was,,,well,,,wrong.

I made the decision shortly after the first wave of hurt feelings to put this stuff behind me. So what if I am no longer a part of his comment harem? I can still visit his site if I'm in one of those moods when a hit of selfrightious hate is what I think I need to get through the day, right? I can also be thankful that nothing has happened in my life that was bad enough that I had to think that it would make me feel better about myself to deliberately hurt someone else by what I did or said. I hope that I wouldn't be able to live with myself at that point.

I sincerely hope that no other reader of Dick decides to comment with a different opinion cause banishment is a very sad feeling indeed.

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