Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Yesterday as I was filling out the sign-in stuff for Zach's appointment with the doc, I was overwhelmed with this most horrible fart cloud. I looked down at Zach, who was standing beside me, and he shrugged his shoulders to let me know that he wasn't responsible (this time). There was only one other person around, another patient, waiting her turn at the sign-in sheet, so I had strong suspicions that she was the responsible fart perpetrator. The last few lines of that form were probably unreadable as I hurriedly scratched out information with breath held and watering eyes. Zach and I then made our way to the far side of the room to sit and wait.

My luck tends to run in the wrong direction so it didn't surprise me to the extreme when "fart" lady comes and sits in our area. After about 5 minutes she cuts loose another gassy cloud whilst discussing the cut on her foot as her reason for being there. I couldn't help but think she needed to have the doc check out the swampy gas problems that were occurring.

I'm happy to say that we were able to escape to the exam room shortly thereafter thus avoiding a fainting fit on my part from trying to hold my breath for an extended period.

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