Friday, April 09, 2004

Another long afternoon

We spent most of the afternoon with the psychologist that Doc Bell sent Zach to. I was really impressed with this lady and in the way she dealt with Zach. Her evaluation was very through and I felt good that she immediately recognized his distress at being there . She carried out her exam by letting him play with toys in her office as she observed his reactions to questions that she had for him and me. She feels certain that he's suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and told us that since it's so soon after the trauma of the accident he'll quickly overcome this with a little help.

On Monday he has an appointment to see the phychiatrist for another exam and she told us to expect the possibility of a prescription to help him rest better at night. Right now he's waking up several times a night crying and whimpering and a couple of times he's walked in his sleep during these night terrors. I know that he's not getting enough sleep because he's acting out way more than normal and is so grumpy by mid-afternoon that I'm ready to hang him from a pole so that I can get a break.

Anyway, things are going to be fine!

AND our MeriKate was playing within a few hours of her little surgery yesterday so all is going to be fine. I can just feel it!
Tomorrow we're going to paint and dye Easter eggs. I think this Nanny is going to uncork that bottle of muscadine wine chilling in the fridge too so those eggs may be very colorful indeed!!Easter Egg Smiley

Happy Easter!!!!!Chick

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