Saturday, April 03, 2004


I had big plans today. I bought my little bloomin plants yesterday for my flower boxes, 2-40lb bags of top soil, and 2-big-ass bags of pine pellets. I was going to get it on out there in the dirt today.

I woke up with the usual one child. By 9:30, Jami had dropped off 2 more on her way to taking another to the doctor. These 3 and I went to a flea market that Jerri's mother owns to look around and the Chickie was there and I ended up with a total of 4 chillens before 11 am.

I herded them all indoors and in front of cartoons until Jami picked up Krysten and Abie at around 1. Then Zach, the Chickie, and I went outside and filled flower boxes and planters with topsoil and put in about half the plants I'd bought.

We had to break so Chickie could have a new diaper installed and a little entergizing nap then went back outdoors and fertilized and watered what we'd done before.

The rest of the plants, the clearing, turning and placing of pine nuggets under the azaleas will have to wait until tomorrow since I ran out of energy and daylight.

I know better than to plan big. I have way too many outside influences to even imagine that I might plan anything at all!

I'm gonna go eat my bowl of soup now and see if I can talk Zach into behaving himself long enough for me to have a soaking bath. I smell like I've been fooling around with Special K's dog.

Ya'll don't forget!Daylight Savings

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