Sunday, April 11, 2004

Easter Eve

As I raised my head from my drool dribbled pillow this morning and looked at the clock my first thought was HOLY SHIT!!! My turkey's still frozen and I'm screwed! I dragged my old, lazy butt outta that bed and into the kitchen for a hit of coffee to get my eyes open before I started thinking about how I was going to get that bird unstiffened in time to have dinner at a reasonable time.

I eventually decided to zap him, pressure cook him, then bake him in the oven with my famous cornbread dressing. Dinner was not done by 12, but we did have a pretty good spread by around 1:30 so all was not lost.

Jerri and Jami hid the easter eggs (they decided to hide plastic ones to save on laundry stain remover from the dyed ones), the little ones scooted out and found them in the rain drenched grass and flowers, and everyone finally got away from here a little while ago.

It's been a long day folks. Hope everyone had a happy Easter!!

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