Thursday, April 29, 2004

The Postman Cometh

He pulled into my driveway yesterday and tooted his horn. He only does this when I have mail that won't fit into my little rural mailbox that sits on it's post out across the road. When he came to the porch with a package, I believed it to be the knives that hubby ordered a while back but it was lighter than I thought knives would be. When I noticed the return address on the package I became excited because it's not every day that one receives a package from Calgary and I've been so lucky in that I've gotten 2 in the past month.

Special K
, with her insight, must have known the status of my feet down here in Arkansas.
cause she sent me the purdiest pair of foot coverings a southern belle could wish for

Since my feet tend to get cold even in spring and summer with the a/c setting that hubby insists on, I won't have to wait until winter to wear these lovely slippers.

Oh, and did I mention she sent Winegums TOO?

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