Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Wasted Tuesday

I wish the title meant wasted in a good way, instead it means I made the trip to Wynne yesterday for no good reason. I ended up bringing all the stuff home in order to get the return done. Lord save me from people who don't know what they don't have until I drive all that way for nothing.

The one smile I managed yesterday was due to my friend's parrot, Fred. While friend was on the phone, again, and I was waiting, again, for her to finish so I could get the needed tax information, I heard Fred raising nine kinds of hell in the den. I wandered in to say hello and he indicated by pointedly trying to wreck his water dish, his need for water. I undid this bread-tie thingy in order to remove his water holder, filled it with water, and was rewarded with happy squawks and whistles from a grateful Fred. I noticed his intense interest when I was rewinding the tie thingy on the dish door too.

Well, Fred beat me to the kitchen and led the way back into the dining room where we had our work spread out. He announced his escape to his owner by flying past her head and into the bay window, knocking his little parrot-ass-self almost senseless.

He spent the next hour perched on friend's shoulder where he forgot himself and pooped a little birdie pile. Friend noticed the error of his ways as I was gathering up my things to leave and as I walked out the door she was muttering threats which included a skillet and hot oil.

Ole Fred made my day.

Now, it's Wednesday and I've got to do this danged return instead of taking a nap which is what I originally had on the agenda for today!

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