Thursday, December 11, 2003

Feeling Antsy

Every year about mid-November I start feeling sad and dissatisfied with things. I know it's because so many of my family has passed away and I miss them so badly. This antsy feeling will last until around the first of April and then I stop feeling sorry for myself and go back to being in a better frame of mind.

In March 1982 my Aunt Ruth died.

In Dec. 1984 it was my grandmother Willhite.

In June 1986, my grandmother Fisher.

In February 1996, my brother, Roger.

In January 1998 my grandfather.

In February 1998 my friend Paul.

In May 1998, my nephew, Shane.

In August 1998, my husband's Aunt Peggy.

In October 1998, my friend Phillip.

On Christmas day, 1998, my friend Rosie.

December 29, 1998, my nephew, Markus.

In March, 1999 my mother.

December 30, 1999 my father-in-law.

I miss them and my house feels so empty this time of the year when it used to be so full. I have so much to be thankful for so I shouldn't let this get to me every year, but I do. Each one was so special to me and there are times when I get so angry because they are gone.

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