Thursday, December 18, 2003

My wish list for our Country

I love my Country and the freedoms and opportunities that we so often take for granted, but if I could be granted a few wishes I'd change a few things. So Mr. President if you're listening,,,,

Allow us to practice and celebrate our beliefs whatever they may be and allow us these beliefs wherever we may be. Our country was built to allow us these freedoms as "one nation under God" and it shouldn't matter if He is called Allah, or Muhammad, or Budda. We are tired of repressing our voices and actions for fear of reprisal by our justice system regarding our constitution given rights just because a small, group of people feel infringed upon. They are also entitled to celebrate their beliefs without interference. Let us ask also that these freedoms be granted to U.S. citizens and not to people who want to share our opportunities and freedoms without becoming one of us.

Let's get serious about educating our children and keeping them safe. I feel that the majority of our teachers consider their careers to be a vocation but the few who don't, should not be in a classroom. The proof of this is in our national student test scores and in the remedial classes offered in our colleges and universities. Pay our teachers well but expect excellence in return. A background check should be part of the hiring process. Under no circumstances should a teacher who has been dismissed for inappropriate conduct be allowed to move to another district or state to continue teaching. Right now, in our country, more care is given to hiring the people who work in our prisons than in hiring the people who teach our children.

We should provide a free education to any citizen that wants one, including college, but they should have to earn it by wanting it bad enough to make the grades to get there. If Johnny doesn't study and do his best in High School then he shouldn't continue on to college to do the same. Make the technical colleges available for those who can't or won't make the grades. Cut out the bullshit core classes which take up time and money and in no way relate to most degrees. A religious history class is not going to make a pre-med student a better doctor. By cutting out these unnecessary classes, a student should have time to work in our pre-school or adult education programs as a graduation requirement which would help solve a shortage in these programs.

Put a limit on the amount of money that can be spent on campaigning. Make it a law and enforce it. We, as citizens, should feel assured that our vote will be counted and not taken away by special interest groups who are pumping massive amounts into campaign funds for their chosen candidates.

Take another look at a national health care program. Stop allowing insurance companies to define the type of health care we need. Families should not have to become bankrupt because the expense of a major illness and insurance premiums have depleted them. Stop the price gorging by the drug companies. It's sad that our senior citizens are having to go outside our country to purchase needed prescription medication.

Show our senior citizens the respect they deserve. There should only be the highest quality of nursing homes and medical care available to them. They should not have to decide between food and needed medication because they can't afford both. Stop the poor management of our Social Security funds so that they can live out their final years in comfort. They worked for it.


Just a regular citizen.

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