Thursday, December 25, 2003

Rode hard and put up wet.

That's a nearly accurate description of how I feel right now. We did the get-together thing at his Mom's last night with little terrorists and terrorists in training running about screeching and tearing into packages like savages. There is no way those children can remember all of the gifts and I think if their moms had any sense they'd hide back a few and just dole them out during the year as special surprises for behaving. Of course there are some of them who I think might still have a closet full when next Christmas rolls around.

Around 7:30ish or so, Bubbie's and Jami's family came back to our house to open presents. By then the kids were really tired and racing around in hyper mode. My son is considered by us to be "one of the kids" since he has to play with every toy close at hand. I made the comment when he became a daddy last February that his daughter would have a built in playmate but there would be times when she'd have to fight him for her toys.

After cleaning up another mess of paper and ribbon and cooking my cornbread and doing a few things that could be done ahead of time, I crashed around 3 a.m. The sun woke me around 7:30 this morning and I barely had time to get my first cup of coffee down before I had to start cooking.

There were only 11 of us at the dinner table this year (we have our Christmas dinner at noon most years) and once again I thought of all of the family members who weren't there except in our thoughts and our hearts.

The afternoon was a blur, but I do remember having a cheery Christmas call from Special K and a game of Jr. Monopoly with Zach. The call put me in a much better mood than did the game, the little imp took all of my money (grin).

Zach went home with his mom (for the 3rd night this week believe it or not!) and I went to my son's to see our oldest daughter, Trish, and her girls. They really liked their presents and actually took the time to look them over and play with them after they wrestled them away from Bubbie.

Jaylen, the 2 yr old, has been learning about baby Jesus at her daycare and Trish told me a cute little story about it. She said that Jaylen had been going on and on about baby Jesus for days and then one day last week they were out shopping. Jordan, who is 5, was walking beside the shopping cart when she spotted a Nativity. She said, "Look Jaylen, there's baby Jesus." Jaylen got all excited and said, "OH Mommy, look! Jesus was born in Wal mart."

This old nanny is home now, had a quick shower, and is thinking lovingly about her book and some sleep. I hope everyone had the grandest Christmas ever!!

I'll try to get some photos downloaded to share soon.

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