Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Post

My new hanging pot of petunias.

The Beans helping PopPop by digging holes.

It was getting dark yesterday evening but I took these photos of momma Killdeer (above) and her rocky nest (below). She's raising 9 kinds of hell because she felt I was too close, she even pretended to be hurt to draw us away from the nest. Killdeers don't like to spend all their time sitting on their eggs so they will lay them among rocks and gravel so the heat of the day will incubate them.

My old, cranky butt is tired. The Beans stayed Thursday night and, even though she's sick with some nasty allergies and tummy troubles, she and I went out and helped PopPop do some planting in the garden on Friday. Bubbie, Jerri, and Alexis came to fetch the Beans and stayed to help out some too.

Earlier in the day I was going to rinse the mop out in the kitchen sink and found another frog hidden in it. Beans thought it was so funny that Nanaw had a frog in her kitchen sink but declined to carry it outdoors so it could find it's froggy Momma and Daddy. Nanaw had to do that little chore and of course the frog thanked me in the way that froggies tend to do, by wetting on my hand.

The top photo is of a Redneck pony and cart that one of Keith's (Abby's daddy) friends thought up. The other two photos are of the happy party goers.

Today was Abby's birthday so we went to her party and had some fine hot dogs, burgers, cake and Ice cream. Her momma and daddy bought her an aquarium with some little fish and she was so very proud of her new pets.

James had some yummy ribs and a boston butt smoking on the grill when we got home so I ate a bite of that and then we made a flower bed in the front yard so I could plant some hollyhocks and glads.

I have big nap plans for our swing under the willow tree one day soon.


Donna said...

Happy Birthday Miss Abby!!! I Love all the pictures Miz Brenda!! Looks like you had Lots of happy fun!! Now go find a nice big soft bed, and lay it down!!LOL...night girl!hughugs

Sally said...

More great pictures, you ROCK Ms. Brenda. Of course, you had great subjects too, all those pretty little ones. I love the petunia's. Haven't been able yet to find those "drapey" ones here.

I hope you don't get warts from all them frogs you're having to handle. hahaha

Happy Birthday late, Abby!!!!

cassie-b said...

A very happy birthday to Abby.

I hope she enjoys her aquarium.
Thanks for the pictures.


Cal said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Abby!

mreddie said...

Enjoyed the pics! Frogs do have a special way of showing their appreciation don't they? :) ec

bermudabluez said...

Thanks for the great pics today, Brenda!! Beans really is quite cute!! A frog in your sink! That is kind of funny....although I might just have freaked out a little...great post!!

Andie Pandie said...

OOO big weekend! Sounds like a good time all around though! :)

Crystal said...

What the hell is on those plates Ms Brenda!!????!!! I have been lookin at that picture for the past 10 minutes and can't figure it out! WONDERFUL pictures!!!!! Hope you all had FUN!!!!