Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm Leaning Towards Balastic!

It seems that all I do lately is rant here. I'm not sure if the world and some of the people in it are being total assholes, or if I'm just a total asshole and I see the world and some of the people in it that way. Either way, I sure am getting pushed towards an agitated state much quicker these days.

I really do try, most days, to start out in a good mood, but somewhere along the way (usually within the first 30 minutes of awakening) it all goes to pot and there she blows.

My lastest rant concerns the doctor's appointment that James was supposed to have had at Pillow Clinic today. I called them early yesterday to see about getting him an appointment there after finding out that, our family doctor was out of town until Monday, the other doctor at his place was booked up, and the NP was only taking walk-ins (which would have meant sitting all day in the waiting room in order for her to spend 5 minutes glancing at his toe. He wanted to make sure his wound was clear of infection before the weekend when you can't find a smell of a doctor.)

When I called I told them he'd had a farm accident, which part of his body needed checking, what had happened, all the relevant personal information, and also told them that the visit would be billed to the farm's insurance company either through the general liability policy or worker's comp. She told me his appointment time was 2:oo p.m. and he would be seeing Jim.

We arrived a little early in case I needed to fill out any forms for James (I guess all the limping made his hand and arm tired), so I go up to reception and when they asked for insurance information I told them the name of the Insurance company and that it would be a workers comp claim. The woman looked at me and said,

"We don't see worker's comp patients.

I'm thinking, "¿quĂ© la cogida?"

I asked her why we weren't informed of this when I'd called to set up the appointment and had TOLD them ALL of the information they would be needing.

She had no idea. (boy I'm becoming familiar with THAT reply)

I felt like a bum asking for a hand-out. I started to take James's insurance card out of my wallet, and my check book, but James shook his head and said we were leaving. As we walked out the door, I looked around their waiting room and saw that it was probably 90% full of Medicaid patients (don't ask me how I know, I just do, ok?). I know the paperwork and headache it entails to file a Medicaid claim, so what's up with them not "taking" a patient who's bill would be paid by worker's comp? Do the worker's comp insurance companies take a long time to pay or something? (and the government doesn't?) Do worker's comp patients have leprosy?


jazzi said...

It's enough to make you wanna slap somebody, isn't it? What's the difference, they fill out insurance forms all day long. Just fill out a different form, for pete's sake.

Special K said...

Good lord.

I think I may offer some insight in this. If worker's comp operates anything down there like it does up here, I can tell you plainly that the worker's comp board is the one that usually stipulates which doctors or alternative med practitioners are "qualified" to see "their" patients; it runs to such huge administrative costs clinics to do the reams of paperwork that it's usually not worth their while. Worker's comp doesn't want to pay for shit (which is why they'll make patients and practitioners jump through as many hoops as possible), and clinics don't want to offer their services for nothing, or for less than that once the admin costs get factored in.

The only trouble is is that the patient gets screwed. Hard.

I'm so sorry, pumpkin.

Special K said...

Further to jazzi's comment: if only it were one form, or two forms, but it's not. I remember having to fill out 3 separate forms each time I saw a patient -- the SAME patient! I always kept good records and detailed treatment notes, but those mofos insisted on emailed, mailed and faxed copies AFTER EVERY SINGLE TREATMENT. What's more is they'd only pay for 15-minute treatments at a time, so if the people I was treating needed longer treatment sessions (as most of them did -- what the hell can be accomplished in a 15-minute massage?) I'd end up doing it on my time and dime because they needed the work done, and they were off effing work, so how could they afford to pay me if I charged them?

It was crap all around.

bermudabluez said...

Same here. Worker's Comp cases are just plain a pain in the a**. Only certain doctors in certain offices can handle them for some weird reason. It's just the rest of the government these days. Try to have a good weekend, Brenda!! Hope the rest of it gets better!!

Andie Pandie said...

God I hate the medical industry. I hate that people just can't get effing treated and be done with it.

It was probably some new chick who didn't even hear what you were saying.

Sally said...

That just plain out stinks! They need to instruct the ones that answer the phone and make appointments what they will or will not accept. I'm sorry you had to go through this; you just rant all you want to, Ms. Brenda.

cassie-b said...

That one's well worth ranting about. I'd issue a formal complaint if you can find someone to complain to.

I hope his foot is ok

Brenda said...

I really highly suspect that the insurance isn't worker's comp at all because, by law, farmers only have to have some sort general liability coverage. But even if it is workers comp, the number of doctors available in this area would make such a policy as using only such a list of doctors pretty damned useless since there aren't many to chose from. He's been hurt on the job before, he farms, it happens, but we've never run into this sort of thing before.

Donna said...

Hang in there Miz Brenda!! I'm 'fixin to bring that flatbed PU up there and "doctor" that toe myself!!!! Get in a good mood sweetie...the reverse is...a bad mood. No Fun!! Sending LOTS of LOVE!!!!hughugs

Cindra said...

That is absolutely ridiculous! I don't know is not an excuse! I don't know how you didn't have a meltdown in the office. How is his toe? I know Stretch had a little something happen two weeks ago and it is still swelling up something awful and he is on his second round of biotics. You can't mess around with that stuff.

Anonymous said...

It is all to see how long it will take us to crack. Sis, it is bull and is going to get worse. No matter what we do, it isn't going to be right. We get out of bed with good intentions of having a good day, all we have to do is turn on the tv, get on the computer or phone and someone somewhere is going to screw with us. You want to move to the booties with me and tell them all to shove it?

Love you,